Paylater Loan

You can use a Paylater loan for… anything!

We love it when our users tell us their stories about what a Paylater loan has helped them achieve. The reasons we see vary greatly by the time of day/month of the application, the individual’s profession, age group, marital status and even location, but there are a few common themes we’ve discovered — across the country, our loans are mainly used for business growth, family, education and medical expenses.

Applies to loans granted in February 2017

It’s great to be of service to people like Lanre A., who’s taken 8 Paylater loans to run a small side business and then, boosted by a 100% on-time repayment record, moved up to a Paylater Plus loan of NGN 240,000 when he needed to urgently pay rent.

Paylater loan